Dentistry has been making advances in the last two decades with technology-driven devices and materials. One question that dentists seem to get asked a lot about is what kind of crown is best? Since crowns are made to last long-term in the mouth, it is an important decision. 

The Purpose of a Crown

A dentist recommends a crown when the tooth needs to be replaced or could use extra support. The most common situations are

  • A cavity or decay is so deep or wide that the tooth structure is too weak for a regular filling
  • The tooth is cracked and needs extra protection and support
  • A dental bridge needs a more secure placement
  • It is part of a dental implant

A crown is almost like a shell or cover that goes over a tooth. Having a crown put on a permanent tooth is a better option than pulling it because it leaves the root in the gums to keep the other teeth aligned and infection out. 

While getting a crown is not a difficult procedure, dentists still want to do it right and with the right materials the first time. This way, the results will last longer and be dependable. The type of crown chosen can make a big difference.

The Different Types of Crowns

There are three main types of crowns that are used today: resin, porcelain, and gold or metal alloy.

Resin: For many dentists, they trusted resin to be a strong option for dental crowns for many years. Unfortunately, they do wear down over time and can fracture if made of pure resin. To give them more strength, a porcelain-fused-to-metal option was created. Patients often prefer resin because it is a less expensive option than other materials. 

Porcelain: Also referred to as ceramic, porcelain is one of the most popular choices. This is because porcelain is the most natural looking option for crowns. They are easily adaptable to match the color of the rest of the teeth, which is very important if the crown is being placed on a front tooth. They last longer than other dental crowns, which means they are more durable. Dentists also like this material because they are reliable in the way they wear down over time and in their performance. And last of all, patients are not allergic or sensitive to these materials.

Gold: This type of crown is not actually made of solid gold, but rather has the color of gold. It is composed of metal, or alloy, that gives it a lot of strength. These crowns are considered very durable too, but they do not look natural. When dentists use these crowns, they usually put them in the back where they aren’t seen. This is to help maintain the aesthetics of a patient’s smile. The metal is great for longevity and rarely chip or break. Some patients struggle with this material though if they are sensitive to metals.

At Hazzouri Dental, we use high-quality, porcelain dental crowns. We love the way they look and feel like a real tooth. This is also the most clinically proven material on the market. If you need cosmetic dentistry, traditional dental work, or are looking for dental crowns in Wilkes Barre and Scranton, PA, we can help get you the best results possible. Just give us a call today to make an appointment.