How to Know if Your Old Dental Work Needs to be Redone

By |October 26th, 2017|

Has it been a while since you had your original dental work? After 20 years, it’s possible that after 20 years has past, that you’ll need some additional work to be done on your old dental work. How will you know when it’s time to come into the dental office again? Check out the signs […]

How We Can Make Your Lip Injections Look Natural

By |October 24th, 2017|

Not everyone is born with perfectly shaped, voluminous lips. Some may have had youthful, full lips back in their younger days, but age has taken a toll and has left them looking thin and limp.

No matter what category you find yourself in, you’re not happy with the look of your lips. You want to have […]

5 Myths About Botox

By |September 19th, 2017|

There may be features of your face that you would not deem as “perfect.” You have crow’s feet around the corner of your eyes and your lips aren’t as plump as you’d like.

You think Botox will be your best option, but you have some questions and doubts.

As Botox has grown in popularity over the years, […]

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity and How Do I Fix It?

By |September 1st, 2017|

Do you have a hard time eating hot and cold foods without getting a zing of pain every so often in your teeth? Or do you experience pain when brushing and flossing your teeth? These might be alarming symptoms for you, especially if you’re not sure what’s going on. If you’re experiencing this kind of […]

Top 5 Lip Injection Myths

By |August 24th, 2017|

Lip injections are one of those procedures that people either swear by or swear it can only end up like those questionable lip jobs they saw on television. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of middle ground when it comes to these kinds of cosmetic fillers.

This wide spectrum of opinions is likely due to […]

7 Things You Didn’t Know about Botox

By |August 1st, 2017|

In today’s world, the dental industry is evolving more than it ever has before. New treatments and procedures are constantly being made available, and outdated treatments are getting a refresh. In particular, cosmetic dentistry has become more popular and is one of the most common forms of dentistry.

Dentists typically offer a wide variety of cosmetic […]

How Lip Injections Can Help You Smile More Confidently

By |July 26th, 2017|

Are you dissatisfied with your smile?

There are many reasons your smile not meet your expectations: Crooked or misshapen teeth, discolored teeth, crowded teeth, gaps between teeth, an irregularly shaped mouth or facial wrinkles that are made more noticeable when smiling.

What if none of those quite match the source of your less than stellar smile?

For some […]

Never Underestimate the Power of a Smile

By |June 28th, 2017|

A smile is a simple, universal gesture that immediately tells the people around you that you are friendly, approachable, and feeling pretty good about yourself.

We smile when we feel good, but it’s also possible for a smile to make us feel good. We’re not just talking about a general feeling of well-being here, either. We’re […]

How Receiving Botox at Your Dentist Office Saves Time

By |June 16th, 2017|

If you have children that need braces or if you, yourself have braces, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to schedule the constant orthodontic appointments on top of your dental appointments.

It’s a hassle going to multiple places to get straighter, healthier, whiter teeth.

Your smile is only one aspect of your beauty concerns.

You […]

We’re hiring! Apply now!

By |June 5th, 2017|

Our practice needs a long term team member who can set the stage for the doctor, provides excellent oral hygiene services for the patient, and who can build relationships that will last.

Please submit your resume, and a cover letter listing your goals, experiences, and salary requirements to

Or click here to apply!

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Professional candidates […]