Botox Beyond WrinklesWhen you hear the word “Botox” you likely immediately conjure up thoughts of celebrities and their flawless, abnormally youthful, wrinkle-free faces. Botox is commonly thought as merely a treatment to reduce or erase one’s wrinkles or aging fine lines of the face.

But, did you know that Botox is more than a treatment for wrinkles? The powerful, effective and safe muscle relaxation caused by the Botox injection has been found numerous other uses including the following:

Management of Acne. 

Those with excessively oily skin are often tired of the never-ending battle with acne. With Botox, the nerves activating the sweat glands are inhibited, resulting in a reduction of acne-causing sweat and oil.  

Produce a Temporary Face-lift. 

Botox can produce the face-lift makeover one’s always wanted, howbeit, a temporary one. Besides smoothing wrinkles, tighten the jowls, the muscle relaxation of Botox can offer temporary nose-jobs, reshape one’s jawline, lift the cheeks, tighten the jowls, minimize muscles and wrinkles in the neck and add plumpness to the lips.   

Stops Migraines. With Botox, the pain receptors associated with migraines are blocked. The muscles in the head are also relaxed which reduces the painful pressure of migraines.

Reduces Excessive Sweating. 

Botox relaxes muscles by preventing stimuli to travel to and from the brain and muscle. Similarly, Botox toxins prevent the nerves in the sweat glands from getting activated, whereby reducing the amount of sweat one produces. Botox can be a great treatment option for those who overly sweat.

Make Blowouts Last Longer.

Those who are obsessed about the look and style of their hair can benefit from Botox. As mentioned earlier, the relaxation caused by Botox can cut down on one’s sweat production. A Botox injection on the forehead along the hairline can reduce the amount of sweat that gets into and ruins one’s perfectly blown-out hair.

Helps Treat Spasticity.

With spasticity, the signals between the brain and spinal cord are out of balance, resulting in a muscular movement disorder.  Multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, brain injury, stroke and spinal cord injury are the well-known conditions that exhibit spasticity. Botox can help regulate this imbalance and lower the frequency and severity of the sudden muscle spasms of spasticity conditions.

Minimizes Pain and Discomfort of TMJ and Bruxism.

With Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ), pain of the face, head, ears and jaws are common. Botox injected into trigger points on the head or face can provide temporary relief from pain.

Bruxism is the unconscious grinding of the teeth or clenching of the jaw. Those with bruxism often experience sore jaw muscles in the morning as the teeth grinding and jaw clenching typically occur while they are asleep. Botox toxins can block the activated jaw muscles, reducing the occurrence and severity of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. 

Relax and Retrain Mouth Muscles for Prostodontics.

Patients who aren’t right candidates for permanent dental appliances such as implants or implant supported dentures may have overactive mouth muscles that make it difficult for them to wear removable prostodontics. These overactive muscles can be relaxed with Botox.

Improve Mood and Self-Confidence.

Botox traditionally has been known to improve one’s appearance. By getting a more youthful, glowing, vibrant face, patients regain self-confidence and have a more positive mood and attitude.

Yes, Botox is still used to eliminate and lessen the severity of wrinkles, giving patients a youthful appearance. Its muscle-relaxing ability and nerve blocker has made Botox a great treatment alternative for other conditions not all associated with aesthetics.

At Hazzouri Dental, we offer Botox to patients who suffer from migraines or who want a vibrant, flawless, youthful face to compliment their cosmetic dental procedure. If you’re thinking of getting Botox and enhancing your smile with a cosmetic dental procedure, contact us to schedule an appointment and get both procedures done in one place.