The evolution of dental practice has come a very… very long way. No longer are the “dentists” of the world treating their patients on a wing and a prayer. History shows that no matter what the profession, trade, or talent there will always be steps we take to move onward and upwards. Humans are constantly looking for bigger and better and the medical field is at the front line of that fight.

We now have amazing materials and technology, which have revolutionized the dental industry. Titanium can flawlessly replace missing teeth by fusing with the jawbone (this is a big deal) and quite the leap from ancient Egypt where abstract animal teeth were wired within the mouth to fill gaps and (hopefully) masquerade as natural-human teeth.

Even though there have been immense strides throughout the wondrous world of dentistry, one in particular has come a long way (baby).

The ability to create an exact impression of someone’s dental image has given the dental field a leg up in many areas. Alginate impressions is one of the modern materials that is making a dental difference. Composed of seaweed, sodium alginate, and calcium sulfate and retarders allows it to form a gel when mixed with water. It has been referred to as an “irreversible hydrocolloid” due to its chemical reaction once mixed with water.

Here are just a few pros to the alginate impression material:

  • Adequate shelf life
  • Adequate flow properties
  • Easy to mix
  • Cost effective
  • Non-toxic or irritating
  • Sufficient strength to avoid tearing material upon removal from the mouth
  • Patient acceptability
  • Compatible with gypsum products
  • Adequate flow properties
  • Acceptable working and setting times

Putty-wash is another technique that is probably the most commonly used in general dental practice. Silicone putty-wash impressions are preferred principally for their handling characteristics.

These specific type of impression materials are used to fabricate bleaching trays and mouthguards.

Let’s explore the reasons that you would need to have dental impressions. Here are some of the common reasons:

  • To analyze the relationship of your jaw bones. This is useful in the orthodontic area
  • To make custom teeth whitening trays (most common use)
  • To make custom mouth guards for protection while playing sports or to combat nightly teeth grinding
  • To create bridges or form-fitted dentures, partial or full sets
  • To make dental crowns
  • To make oral appliances, such as space maintainers
  • To create a mold of your teeth’s appearance in case of future damage

Whatever the reason may be that you require dental impressions our office uses the highest-quality technology, so we can help you achieve your best and brightest smile. Contact us today and our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have about dental impressions or any other service we provide.