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At Hazzouri Dental, our office uses a wide range of progressive procedures to make your experience comfortable and, above all, successful. It’s our commitment to the latest tools, technologies, and techniques that has grown our reputation and spread the word beyond the or home base in Scranton and started attracting new patients from the surrounding cities.

So why are so many people commuting in from Waverly or Clarks Summit for their dental appointments? What is it about our dental practice that makes the trip worth it?

We tend to think there are two important factors that attract new patients from all over Pennsylvania. The first is the simple fact that you can get almost all of your dental needs addressed under a single roof. We can do it all, from simple cosmetic procedures to serious reconstructions.

The other factor is simply our consistently beautiful results.

Complete Cosmetic Solutions

At Hazzouri Dental, we understand that a beautiful smile goes beyond the teeth, which is why our comprehensive services include Botox treatments and lip injections.

Simply put, the shape of your smile, your eyes, and many other facial features add to the overall effect of your smile, and these treatments help us address those elements. In other words, Botox treatments are about more than just smoothing out some wrinkles.

Our cosmetic solutions take a holistic approach, and we consider the entire framework of your face, which includes the lips, cheeks, and areas around your eyes.

Why Get a Botox Treatment at a Dental Office?

A lot of our patients are still surprised to learn that we offer Botox treatments. We understand that some people wouldn’t expect to smooth out some of their wrinkles in the same place where they whiten their teeth, but, in truth, this is the perfect place to get both types of cosmetic treatments.

As cosmetic dentists, we focus on the physiology of the muscle groups and bone structure of the face. We understand how the cheeks and lips need to frame your pearly whites to give you that great smile.

Everything You Need in One location

Our services include a range of cosmetic procedures, but we also offer many other services designed to restore the functionality of your mouth and maintain the health of your teeth. We provide everything from dental bonding and crowns to implants and veneers.

We also provide Invisalign braces to help straighten your teeth, and we can replace your old silver fillings with modern tooth-colored fillings.

Who Do We Serve?

While we’re based here in Scranton, PA, we’re proud to serve our patients who live in all the surrounding cities, too. We’re happy to see that the reputation we’ve built over the years has gone beyond the borders of Scranton and reached so many other people in need of quality dental care.

We regularly work with patients from all over the area and provide dental services to people in Waverly, Clarks Summit, Shavertown, Mountain Top, and other locations.

Whether you’re here in Scranton or just outside the city in one of our neighboring towns, we’d be glad to talk to you about all the dental services you can receive at our office. Simply contact us today to set up an appointment and get started.