Addiction is a very real disease that affects so many people’s lives. When you abuse certain substances it can have a lasting and dangerous effect on your health. However, just like many other diseases, addiction can be beat.

So the question that many people have once they’ve kicked a habit that has taken a toll on their body is: how to I fix the damage in the aftermath? This is a question our office gets when it comes to the damage that harmful drugs have on their oral health. In other words, how can our knowledgeable and highly trained staff help someone who has “meth mouth?” This is the number one drug that wreaks the most havoc on the user’s mouth.

We’ve all seen the billboards and commercials warning us from the harm that methamphetamines can cause, but for some the allure is just too great. After prolonged use, such as binging (consuming the drug continuously for days without sleep) the effects of methamphetamines on your teeth increase greatly.

However, a person who has wiggled free from the clutches of addiction and is looking for a fresh start on life, we can help. We can give you back the smile that you deserve. Afterall, one should be able to smile proudly after overcoming such a terrible disease.

We Know the Signs and we can Help

Symptoms, such as distinctive patterns of decay on the surface of the teeth along with the look of malnourishment are signs of heavy meth use. There are specific actions that should be taken, according to the ADA, if methamphetamine use is suspected in a patient:

  • An overall examination and assessment will be completed, along with a thorough look at the patient’s medical and dental history
  • Concern will be expressed for any suspicion of drug abuse
  • If the patient is open to a medical consult we will provide the phone number for a local clinic or substance abuse rehabilitation facility
  • Preventive measure will be used, such as topical fluorides
  • We will encourage our patients to consume water instead of any harmful sugar-filled beverages
  • We will take caution when administering any sedatives, general anesthesia, anesthetics, nitrous oxide, or while making the decision to prescribe narcotics
  • We will take the time to educate our patients on the risks associated with methamphetamine or other illicit drug use

It can be difficult for those who have gone through a rehabilitation program and are looking for a fresh start on life without the confidence from their smile. After the initial examination we will discuss the options of restorative dental procedures. We know that living with the discomfort and unaesthetic appearance from abusing drugs can make you feel embarrassed and takes a toll on your self-esteem. However, there is help and we provide it. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to make sure you feel comfortable and safe when starting your new, happy, and smile filled life.