April 14, 2009

Karina and Cynthia are Chosen for Exceptional Smile Makeover

Cindy & Karina react to the news that won the smile makeover contest.

Dr. Hazzouri Discusses Treatment With His Patients

Dr. Hazzouri discusses how he will transform Cindy’s & Karina’s smile.

Dr. Hazzouri Discusses His Unique Preparation for Extreme Smile Makeover

Dr. Hazzouri talks about his education.  He also discusses how implant dentistry can help his patients.

Cynthia Gets a Glimpse of Her New Smile

Dr. Hazzouri speaks about his staff.  Cindy sees her new smile.

Karina Sees Her New Smile

Karina reacts to her new smile.

Cynthia’s Family and Friends See Her New Smile

Cindy’s family’s reaction to the makeover.

Karina’s New Smile Makeover Wins Family and Friends

Karina urges people to “Go for it!”  – Improve their smile

Exceptional Smile Makeover Finale