Lip Enhancements and Injections in Scranton, PA

Lip Injections Scranton PA

Thinning lips are an inevitability as we age, or they may be something we were simply born with. Either way, they can limit your potential to have the best smile possible.  If you’ve had work done on your teeth, the full, plump lips accomplished in our lip enhancements are the perfect complement that completes your smile makeover.  

At Hazzouri Dental, we provide lip injections and enhancements in Scranton and all over Northeast Pennsylvania.

How Do Lip Enhancements Work?

Lip enhancements usually use temporary dermal fillers that last around as long as a typical teeth whitening treatment. Most dermal fillers are composed of a substance similar to hydraulic acid, a compound found naturally in the body the increases the volume of the lips. Previously, dermal fillers contained collagen, which doesn’t last as long as hydraulic acid and it didn’t yield as natural-looking results.

Lip injection procedures combine both art and science.  To get a great, new look it’s about understanding how fuller lips enhance your smile, compliment your cheekbones, and frame your bright new teeth. It also requires the utilization of the latest techniques and tools and the best injection materials.

You can have complete confidence that our cosmetic specialists have complete control over your lip injections, adding the right amount of volume to the best locations. We can even increase the volume slowly over time, so the changes will be subtler and less pronounced.

A Complete Smile Makeover  

At Hazzouri Dental we offer a wide range of cosmetic services in order to provide a complete smile solution including lip enhancements and lip injections, facial fillers and enhancementsteeth whitening and Botox treatments.

The tools and technologies in our office allow us to provide the results you want in a relaxing, comfortable environment. We’ll make you feel right at home while our specialists use their knowledge of the facial structure to create subtle and important enhancements that result in beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

If you’re ready to make a change and add some volume to thin lips or re-shape uneven lips, this is the treatment for you. Contact us today to set up an appointment and get started.