There was a time when people just assumed that dentures were a normal part of getting older. There didn’t seem to be any way around it, and they definitely were not something to look forward to. They could be loose-fitting, which irritated soft tissues, or they just made it so you couldn’t eat your favorite foods anymore.

Modern dental techniques and technologies have changed a lot of that, and a missing tooth is no longer the first sign of denture-inevitability – it’s just the sign that you need a single implant.

But what happens when you lose a number of teeth, either through accident, trauma, age, or decay? In these cases, it might be time to look at dentures again, but realize that things have changed for these appliances, too.

New Technology and Materials

Modern dentures are not the loose-fitting appliances that slurred speech and ruined your ability to enjoy your favorite foods. Now, there are solutions for multiple missing teeth that are just as effective, durable, and cosmetic as a single implant.

The newest technologies allows us to create dentures that are far more comfortable than usable than their predecessors. These appliances are fitted over endodontically treated teeth, or on titanium implants that are embedded in the bone.

These are usually referred to as implant-secured dentures, and they open up a lot of new possibilities for people who have lost (or are losing) their teeth.

Securing the Dentures

If you’ve lost a significant number of teeth, the process of replacing each one with its own titanium implant is probably impractical. Modern dentures can accomplish the same thing with just four implants.

This way, we can use a fixed, full-arch prosthesis to replace your missing teeth and restore the functionality and aesthetics of your mouth. When it’s all said and done, this will also let you heal a lot faster, too.

The process of securing the dentures is fairly simple. Each implant is placed in the anterior maxilla – the part of the jaw where the bone density is highest. It will take some time for the bone to heal around these implants, though, so we will fit you with a temporary prosthesis until the bone has fused to the titanium and has become strong enough to handle the dentures in everyday use.

Are Dentures the Right Choice for You?

There are some benefits to this kind of dental replacement. The first we’ve already discussed: it allows for a much faster healing time than if we were to try and replace each tooth individually. However, it’s also important to realize that modern technologies let us create dentures that look completely natural and can be brushed and cleaned just like your other teeth. Once we’ve placed these dentures, you won’t have to take them out and soak them overnight, deal with sticky adhesives, or give up your favorite foods.

Why It’s Important

Any missing teeth can be really detrimental – and not just to your smile. If you’re missing a number of teeth, it could lead to bone deterioration, infections, and shifting of your remaining teeth. Don’t put this procedure off. Whether you’ve always hated the idea of dentures or thought the procedure was too expensive, it’s time to look at these modern procedures and see how things have changed.