Man Having a Botox TreatmentThere may be features of your face that you would not deem as “perfect.” You have crow’s feet around the corner of your eyes and your lips aren’t as plump as you’d like.

You think Botox will be your best option, but you have some questions and doubts.

As Botox has grown in popularity over the years, so too has myths surrounding the procedure.

Here are five myths about Botox that you should ignore:

  1. Wait Until Wrinkles Appear

Many patients wait until prominent lines and wrinkles appear to get Botox treatment. Botox, however works best as a preventative measure. Patients who get Botox earlier before their wrinkles or lines get too noticeable, have an easier time with maintaining and having a more improved, youthful appearance. When Botox treatment is done earlier, lines and wrinkles are prevented from getting worse.

  1. Young People Can Get Botox

Men and women are looking to get Botox treatments at younger ages, sometimes as early as their late teens. The myth that you’re never too young for Botox is a lie that can cause potential damage to your body and lead to unnecessary expenses. If Botox is the only option for your wrinkles and lines, it is suggested that you wait till your 20s.

  1. Botox is Just for Wrinkles and Lines

While Botox has been referred to a great treatment for wrinkles and lines, it can be an effective treatment for much more than cosmetic conditions. Botox has been shown to be a good treatment for relaxing muscles, stopping sweat glands from producing excessive sweat and people suffering from depression.

Botox is also a quickly growing cosmetic dental procedure that helps improve the shape and fullness of lips and is an increasingly popular migraine treatment.

  1. Botox is Only for Women

When looking at images of patients getting Botox, it is usually a female. It is often female celebrities who are connected to getting a Botox treatment. However, Botox is becoming a popular appearance-enhancing procedure for men. Just like women, men look older with unsightly lines and wrinkles. Lines can also make men look angry and unapproachable.

Many men choose to get Botox on their own accord because they want a softer, friendlier, more approachable appearance.

  1. Botox Works Immediately

When patients come in for a Botox treatment, there is this expectation that they will instantly look younger and healthier. This expectation is unrealistic as Botox acts on nerves that are in charge of muscle movement. It typically takes a few days for the Botox treatment to travel through the body and begin taking effect.

A bonus myth, which goes along with myth #3, is that you can only get Botox at the doctor’s office. As alluded to earlier, Botox has become an increasingly popular service offered in dental offices to help treat migraines and to correct, shape and plump up lips.

If you’re interested in learning about the Botox treatments we at Hazzouri Dental provide our patients, contact us and set up an appointment. Our dentist and staff would be happy to discuss Botox with you and discuss how Botox can help you.