Not everyone is born with perfectly shaped, voluminous lips. Some may have had youthful, full lips back in their younger days, but age has taken a toll and has left them looking thin and limp.

No matter what category you find yourself in, you’re not happy with the look of your lips. You want to have a lip injection procedure done, but you fear you’ll walk out with the dreadful, overly plumped “duck lips.” Fuller lips that are natural looking are what you’re looking for.

Is it even possible for the result of a lip enhancement procedure to produce natural looking lips?

The answer is yes.

The technology and science behind lip injections has evolved to produce longer-lasting, more natural results. It is no longer just about making the lips bigger. It also involves properly shaping the lips to best compliment and enhance the patient’s natural smile and facial structure.

The first thing to note is that over the years, cosmetic dentists have discovered that the same treatment and lip enhancing procedure isn’t the best option for everyone.  Patients have different goals for their lips. In the past, lip injection treatments were a “one size fits all” option that didn’t always yield the best results for patients.

Patients do want larger lips, but the secret in making the lips look natural is in redefining the shape of the lips, not just enlarging them. Failure to enhance the shape of the lips while making them larger will only produce the unnatural, “duck-lips” that everyone wants to avoid.

How does one get those enhanced, natural lips? There are now multiple filler options available. Most fillers will last 6 months though some will last up to a year. The best type of filler for each patient will depend on the lip enhancing goals of each patient.  Some fillers also elicit unpleasant reactions, which is also taken into consideration when selecting the best lip enhancement option.

Today’s lip fillers are made out of a hydraulic acid-like substance. This substance is found naturally in the body and produces fuller, natural-looking lips. In the past, collagen was the main filler in many lip enhancement treatment. Collagen, however, elicits more adverse reactions in some patients, making it not as safe. Collagen-based lip enhancement treatments also don’t last as long as the new hydraulic acid-like ones do.

Other lip enhancement options includes those that utilize gel and fat which are injected.

The most common natural, lip enhancement options include the following:

  • Resylane Refyne
  • Resylane Defyne
  • Resylane Silk
  • Juvaderm Ultra Plus
  • Juvaderm Vollure

The Resylane products last around a year and are ideal for patients who want naturally soft looking lips with minor, subtle augmentation of the lips.  The Resylane Defyne is a good option for patients who want fuller lips with more volume.

Juvaderm has been used for many years as it is the most popular lip enhancement option for patients who want more volume and fullness to their lips.

At Hazzouri Dental, we don’t stop just at the lips. We offer additional cosmetic procedures to give your whole face a new, fresh, enhanced and natural look. Besides lip enhancements, we offer Botox treatments to smooth out wrinkles, add definition to the contours of one’s face, and lessen TMJ and migraine pain. Our patients will also find teeth whitening, veneers, inlays and onlays available to complete their facial makeover.

We are sensitive to how our patients feel about their looks. That’s why we’re committed to utilizing the latest lip enhancement technology and treatments to give patients larger, but also natural looking lips.

If you would like fuller, natural, youthful lips, contact us today at Hazzouri Dental to schedule a consultation.