As people age, their faces become more sunken in the cheeks with a hollower appearance. Others are born with a thinner face, naturally not having many shapes in the face. Cheek augmentation is a procedure that involves putting implants or dermal fillers in the face to give more shape and volume. It enhances the overall appearance of the face and gives a more youthful look.

The Face Shape Difference

Cheek augmentation targets the cheekbone area to give it a fuller, more pleasing look. When the cheeks are sunken in, it makes the eyes look tired. When augmentation helps boost the face, patients will look rested and happier. Another aspect of hollow cheeks is that it takes the focus off the smile and cheekbones and places the focus on less pleasing features, such as prominent jowls or a larger nose. For shaping a face, cheek augmentation is a great procedure. It re-focuses the prominence of the face to the eyes and even creating a more symmetrical look.

Cheek Implants vs Dermal Fillers

The two basic procedures of implants versus fillers depend a lot on what your final goals are. Implants are put in surgically while dermal fillers are injected. They both give you the results of fuller cheeks and better face shape, but the process is very different. Only you can decide what your best option is for your situation, so here are some things to consider.

  • Cost: Implants will cost more initially because the procedure is more invasive and involves anesthesia. Injections require periodic injections, potentially costing more over time.
  • Recovery: Injections take 5-10 minutes to inject. You will feel back to normal in just hours. Implants take a morning or afternoon to put in but it will take at least a week to recover. After this time, you might feel normal again, but you might still have swelling. Since it’s on your face and is hard to hide, plan on a few weeks before going to a social event.
  • Results: Implants are going to last forever, or until you take them out. This is why they are considered a permanent procedure. Injection cheek augmentation filler may require more than one treatment to get your ideal results and then will last up to two years. If you are having a hard time deciding how much of an augmentation to get, injections fillers are great because you can do a little at a time to find the results that you like best.
  • Invasiveness: Injections are done with minimal invasiveness and scars. Implants are placed through incisions in the mouth, which makes the scars invisible, but does involve more pain.

Making a Decision

If you are considering getting cheek augmentation, both options are worth considering. The best way to decide between the two options is to meet with a doctor. Having them walk you through the process, cost, and what to expect for results can bring clarity to which method you are most comfortable doing. Since you are dealing with your face, it is important to put the time and research into doing what is best for you in every aspect.