Dental implants are one of the most talked about procedures right now in dentistry. Even though they aren’t new, they are changing the dental scene with the opportunities they are providing to patients missing teeth. Dental implants can replace a single missing tooth, a bridge, or traditional dentures. They are ideal because they serve a dual purpose in being both functional and cosmetic, like your real teeth.

Functional Purposes of Implants

Teeth withstand a lot of pressure from biting and grinding. They also play a vital role in speaking. Replacing a tooth for whatever reason requires strength and durability while keeping the same shape and feel of a natural tooth. Dental implants that replace dentures also look natural as well, with the shape and color of your teeth.

In years past, the only way to replace missing teeth was with a bridge or traditional dentures. Today, we surgically place a titanium screw or post into the jawbone. Titanium is a material that fuses to the bone and gives a secure base to the implant. Because it needs time to fuse, the implants are placed in two phases. After the post has fused, you come back in the office and we place the top portion to get your mouth back to normal function.

Modern dental implants are ideal because they do not slip or move during eating and speaking. You care for them just like natural teeth and do not require altering the surrounding teeth. They function just as a normal tooth does and feel completely natural. Essentially, these are the closest you can get to an actual tooth.

Cosmetic Solutions with Implants

Missing teeth are more of a problem than just having a gap. Teeth shift around when there are spaces, filling it in and changing the look of your teeth. Leaving gaps can also start to change the shape of your face. This problem only grows as more teeth are missing. Installing a dental implant can help save you from a lot of troubles if you place them in time. Teeth can stay symmetrical and beautiful, staying where they should in your mouth.

Dental implants don’t just feel natural, they look like your regular teeth. Because they are made to match the coloring of your other teeth, no one must know you have a fake tooth or wear dentures. When properly cared for, dental implants can last a lifetime, so some people choose to replace ugly, broken, or weak teeth with an implant instead. They look beautiful and keep your smile strong and bright.

Implant Requirements

To qualify for a dental implant, you must have enough bone in the jaw to support the titanium post. If you have had too much decay, infection, or have certain medical conditions, you may not have enough bone. It also helps us to know if you are or have been a smoker. Before we recommend this procedure, we will do an examination to see if you qualify for implants. Since the procedure isn’t cheap, we also offer options for financing. Call us to start your journey to a beautiful smile today.