Facial aesthetics are important to the overall appearance of a person. The two most notable regions of the face are the eyes and the mouth. Having a great smile includes several different aspects; the teeth with their spacing, shape, and coloring, and the lips. Having even, full lips on a man or woman’s face adds an element of beauty that is pleasing to the eye.

Overtime, genetics, photodamage, lifestyle, and smoking can lead to losing volume in the lips and creating an uneven lip line. There are different strategies to creating a fuller look with makeup or scrubbing processes, but those are artificial fixes. If you are looking to create more lip volume, there are fillers available that can shape the lips in the soft tissue.

The Process

Getting lip injections is an easy process for you and the doctor. The procedure takes 15 to 30 minutes to complete, which is why many people refer to this as a lunch break procedure. The downtime is minimal. In fact, the only change most people make is not going to the gym for 24 hours. Doing anything like exercising, hanging upside down in a yoga pose, or getting a face massage can bring the blood to your face and increase your chances of bruising or swelling more.

Once you show up for the injection appointment, the doctor can help with your consultation. Be sure to be specific about what results you are looking for from the injections. Results are best done a little at a time and the doctor can help you plan accordingly. They will also consider symmetry and make sure everything looks even. You can see an improvement immediately, but with swelling and possible bruising, the results are not usually considered final until after two weeks.

The Results

Lip fillers are not a permanent solution to enhance lips. The results typically last anywhere between four and eight months, depending on the product and your body’s response to it. The results achieved through injections are natural-looking though and done slowly. Other processes like fat grafting or lip implants last much longer, but they are more expensive and require a more invasive procedure with more time for recovery. Lip injections are a simple and easy solution that can be done during your semi-annual dental checkup appointments.

Having lip injections can give your face the extra oomph it needs. Fuller, more even lip lines are naturally more attractive. A little more volume can make you look younger too since the volume pushes the skin out, decreasing the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the mouth.

 It is important to find someone you can trust to do your lip injections. Since the results last so long for this procedure, it is important to have it done correctly. Look at photos of the results they have helped achieve so you can trust that their eye for aesthetic detail is one you like. Make sure you are comfortable enough to talk about any concerns you may have with the injection process too.

At Hazzouri Dental, we have the experience of treating all different levels of lip volume. It is important to help our patients get the results they want in a comfortable and easy process. We are firm believers that lips can create the perfect frame for the perfect smile.