Facial FillersIn the world of cosmetic dentistry, advancements come fast. It can sometimes be hard to keep up with all the treatments and procedures that are available to you with cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening is just the beginning! If you’ve ever considered improving the way your smile looks, you’ve likely only considered the treatments having to do with your teeth. But your smile involves more than just your teeth. It also involves your gums, lips and other facial features. As such, cosmetic dentistry isn’t only limited to improving the look of your teeth, it can also extend to the way your lips and face look. In recent times, cosmetic dentists have even started offering services for facial aesthetic fillers to help improve your smile.

What are Facial Aesthetic Fillers?

If you’ve never heard of facial aesthetic fillers, you might want to know what they are. Simply put, these fillers are used to improve the flaws you might find in your face, like wrinkles or sagging skin. Fillers are compounds that use ingredients like collagen or hyaluronic acid to “fill in” wrinkles or other problem spots on your face. Fillers can also be used to plump up your lips.

Facial aesthetic fillers can last anywhere between 6 and 18 months, depending on the type of filler and the area of the face where it was injected. This simple procedure provides a quick and effective solution to creating a more brilliant and noticeable smile.

Are Fillers Safe?

As with anything you inject into your body, you likely want to know how safe facial fillers are. Well, you can rest assured knowing that they are one of the safest cosmetic procedures available today. While some allergic reactions have occurred before, they are few and far between and incredibly rare. Their safe nature is likely one of the reasons fillers are so popular.

Are Fillers Right for You?

If your interest is piqued, you might be asking if facial fillers are right for you. This treatment isn’t something you would typically consider getting at your dentist’s office, but the practice is becoming more common. As such, it’s best to ask your dentist if fillers are right for you in relation to your smile makeover.

During a consultation appointment, your dentist will review your options with you, outlining the benefits and risks before you make an actual decision. Get as much information as you can about facial aesthetic fillers during this appointment, and don’t be afraid to ask questions! The more you know about the process, the more you can feel comfortable with your final decision.

Do You Need Recovery Time?

After getting the injection, you might wonder how much recovery time is necessary. Fortunately, facial aesthetic fillers require little to no recover time at all. You can typically resume all activity immediately after the procedure, but most dentists recommend waiting at least 24 hours before intense physical activity to avoid excess swelling. You may also experience some numbness or feeling “overfilled” in the treated areas.

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