cosmetic dentist scranton paHas it been a while since you had your original dental work? After 20 years, it’s possible that after 20 years has past, that you’ll need some additional work to be done on your old dental work. How will you know when it’s time to come into the dental office again? Check out the signs below.

Sudden tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet or pressure

Whenever you experience sudden sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks or your tooth is sensitive to pressure when biting or chewing, it indicates that the nerves and/or roots of your teeth are exposed. Most dental work, such as crowns and fillings cover the surface of the tooth and the nerves of the tooth. Tooth sensitivity is a sign of a loose or missing crown or filling.

Sudden tooth pain and pressure when chewing

Like tooth sensitivity, if you get severe, sudden pain or pressure when eating and chewing, it is likely that the decayed portion of your tooth and/or the tooth’s nerves are exposed.

Constant toothache

Throbbing, aching or swelling can indicate decay and infection caused by a loose or ill-fitting crown or filling. Over time, these tend to shift, get loose or come out. A constant toothache likely means that the crown or filling has become loose and no longer snuggly fits on the tooth. The gap between the tooth and the filling or crown becomes an ideal place for germs, bacteria, plaque and tartar to build-up, leading to cavities that can infect the pulp of the tooth.

Notice holes or dark spots on the tooth

Restorative dental work is not only supposed to fit securely and feel comfortably, but they are to match the color of your teeth.  If you notice dark spots on your teeth it is likely a sign that your crown or fillings have become dislodged and need replacing. Dental work covers the holes left behind by tooth decay. These holes are covered up or filled. If you see holes in your tooth, you need to have it filled or covered with a crown.

Notice cracks

The wear and tear of on your teeth can easily dislodge or loosen prior dental work. It can also cause crowns, implants, sealants and fillings to chip and crack. If you notice any cracks or chips in your teeth that weren’t there before, it may be time to have your old dental work redone as they can’t adequately treat and restore your smile if they are compromised.

Feel the tooth for roughness

For most restorative dental procedures, the tooth and gums are thoroughly cleaned and washed before the crown, sealant or filling are applied. In the cases of crowns, the tooth is sanded down to allow the crown to fit over the tooth. If you feel that your tooth is rough, it means that your crown has fallen out or is loose and needs to be replaced.

The crown and tooth color don’t match

 When crowns are made, the dentist will select the color closest to the color of the rest of your teeth. If you’re like most adults, chances are you’ve had a few sodas, cups of coffee or tea over the years that you’ve had your crown. The staining from drinks and the chewing of food can discolor your teeth. Teeth covered with a crown will not show as much staining as the rest of your teeth. It can look unappealing for a tooth with a crown to be significantly lighter than the rest of your teeth. While the crown may still function properly, some patients get their teeth whitened and a new crown placed that better match their brighter smile.

Facial swelling or sensitivity from sinus draining tract

Whenever you feel swelling, pain or pressure on your face or on your jaw, it is often a symptom that something isn’t right. In this case, it can indicate that your root canal needs to be redone. Root canal failure can occur from the growth and infection of microorganisms that weren’t completely removed during the initial procedure or by the introduction of other microorganisms that get into and infect the roots by coronal microleakage.

Most of the symptoms that indicate that you need old dental work redone are obvious and noticeable, whether visibly or by being felt.

If your old Dental work is showing signs that it needs to be redone soon, let our experienced restorative and cosmetic dentist fix your smile. Contact us at Hazzouri Dental today to schedule an appointment.