Mini Dental Implants Scranton PA

At Hazzouri Dental, we offer patients an alternative to conventional dental implants with convenient mini implants.

Dental implants are crucial in preserving one’s jaw bone density, face structure, and correct teeth alignment when a natural tooth is lost. They can also be important factors in maintaining your ability to eat and speak normally, and, of course, preserving your beautiful smile.

Dental implants are a wonderful innovation, and an excellent option for many individuals. However, they can be challenging for some patients. They may involve bone grafts to make the jaw strong enough to support the implant, and require an invasive procedure with a lengthy recovery and completion period, both of which may be difficult for many people.

Our mini dental implants in Scranton are a unique approach to modern dentistry that offers patients a second chance at the natural-looking and natural-feeling teeth they were born with through a less invasive procedure.

Advantages and Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants provide many revolutionary benefits over conventional implants including:

Smaller Size

Mini Implants are about half the size of traditional implants, and therefore don’t require as much bone structure to support them. With less bone needed, patients can avoid the costly, painful and time-consuming bone grafts that are often necessary with traditional implants.  

Faster Healing and Recovery With Fewer Office Visits

When our cosmetic specialists place mini dental implants, the procedure is less invasive, meaning you have  a faster recovery with less discomfort. Faster healing also requires fewer follow-up visits to our office after the procedure.

Immediate Results

Traditional implants require a lengthy recovery time before dental crowns can be placed. The mini dental implants at Hazzouri Dental, on the other hand, are able to receive the crown much faster due to the less invasive procedure.

Lower Cost

Because of their smaller size, and less invasive treatment, mini implants are significantly less costly compared to conventional implants.

No More Decay

Mini dental implants, like conventional implants, are made out of titanium, a metal alloy that is resistant to decay and periodontal disease. Titanium is also safe and comfortable because of its biocompatibility with the body’s natural tissues.

Preserves Bone Structure

Mini dental implants have a unique property that facilitates the growth, and stabilization of jaw bone tissue. This biocompatibility characteristic preserves your natural bone structure so you can maintain the shape of your face and avoid continued bone loss where teeth are missing.

Whether you live in Scranton, or in nearby Clarks Summit, Waverly or Shavertown or other nearby community, the cosmetic specialists at Hazzouri Dental can help you achieve the look and smile you want.

We offer a wide range of services when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Scranton PA that can compliment your mini dental implants and complete your transformation.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our cosmetic specialists and learn how mini dental implants can help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted.