One of the hottest beauty trends right now is called a vampire facial. The treatment is referred to
as a Vampire Facial because it uses your own blood to induce healing properties within your
blood cells to create fullness, lift, and glowing skin. Using platelet-rich plasma therapy, or PRP,
essentially helps your skin heal. Here are the three main ways that the infamous vampire facial
can heal your skin.

1. It regenerates skin.

The human body is made to heal itself. When the skin is microdermed,
and then injected with your blood platelets, it causes a positive response in the cells. The
platelets in the injections then trigger the body’s response to create healthy skin cells, replacing
older and damaged cells.

Over a few weeks after treatment, the body will speed up collagen production, creating firmer
skin naturally while decreasing wrinkles and scars. Another benefit of the regenerated skin is
that it fights other signs of aging, including sunspots and skin damage.

2. The Limitations are Few.

The process of getting PRP starts with taking a small amount of
blood from the person getting the facial. That blood sample is put into a machine that spins it
quickly to the point that the platelets are separated from the blood and prepared for injection.
These platelets are used in the facial injections, so the person will respond without allergies or
irritation to specific ingredients. This gives a more personalized formula to each facial that is
generally well tolerated. Because there aren’t any ingredients that can cause an allergic
reaction, anyone at any age without a blood disorder can get a vampire facial.

3. It Creates Long-Lasting Healing.

The time of your PRP injections is not the only time that
your skin will experience healing. The PRP stays in the skin for months, helping to keep the
skin’s healing and new skin cell growth going. It creates healing to the point that patients can
actually use PRP injections to speed up recovery after surgery or injury. More blood and skin
cell production can boost levels of collagen and elastin which mean less scarring.
Other Benefits
PRP Therapycan target specific problems in the skin aside from the fine lines, wrinkles, and
sunspots. Some of the other most common areas of treatment include:
· Coarse skin
· Dull skin tone
· Under-eye circles
· Acne scars
· Large pores

While dermal fillers are often used to treat some of these issues, they are not your own bodies’
cells healing your skin on a cellular level. With PRP, the therapy encourages the growth of skin
cells and collagen, which helps the body fill in the lines itself. The results last more than twice as
long with Vampire facials too and goes further than the injection site alone.

With all the benefits that come from a vampire facial, it is easy to see why this is such a highly
recommended form of face lifting. At Hazzouri Dental, we are dedicated to helping our patients
feel and look their best. We offer vampire facials to help achieve this goal. If there are any
questions you have about this process or to make an appointment, reach out and we’ll help you
feel comfortable and make the right decision as to whether the PRP Vampire Facial available in Scranton and Wilkes Barre, PA is right for