Sometimes people are dealt a bad hand of dental genetics that can cramp their smile-style by giving them a mouth full of not-so-favorable-misaligned teeth. Having crooked teeth can be something that puts a damper on the daily happiness of any person of any age. When you don’t feel confident about your smile you tend to not do it very often, and a life without smiles can be a pretty big bummer.

The question is:  When is the right time to contact us to help you regain your smiling confidence and what is the right choice when it comes to braces?

The option of becoming a “brace-face” is still a part of the dental world. The beloved old-school-metal braces, that all of us have learned to love as part our favorite Jr. High yearbook pictures, are still an option, but we have moved into a time where more inconspicuous teeth straightening braces are more of a popular choice. We offer Invisalign clear braces as an alternative to the traditional metal ones.

What makes Invisalign the popular choice?

Whether you are a child who is working on their soon to be adult smile, or an adult wanting to regain your unabashed child-like smile, we offer the option of Invisalign clear braces, which takes less of a toll on your smiling confidence by being almost completely imperceptible. This teeth straightening option will allow you to avoid the embarrassment that can often come with metal braces.

How do they work?

We use custom made aligners that are specifically manufactured for each individual to create a precise and gradual shift in the alignment of your teeth. These clear, and barely noticeable, aligners are removable and are usually switched every couple of weeks. This process is more comfortable than traditional braces, so the experience of shifting your teeth into that perfectly-aligned smile will be an entirely more pleasant experience than the hassle of traditional clink-clank metal braces.

We will be there for you through every step of the process and available for any questions you may have during your quest to correct your misaligned teeth. We know that getting braces is a life changing decision and we love being able to give you the dental option of having a smile that is dazzling and that will restore your confidence.