Zoom Teeth Whitening in Scranton

Teeth whitening

Many patients are satisfied with their straight smile of healthy teeth. While their teeth and gums may get a clean bill of health, their discolored, stained smile may not represent that. Even the slightest yellow tinge can age a smile and make it look unhealthy.

Imagine having a significantly brighter smile in as little as an hour? What if your smile can be up to 10 shades whiter? You can get both with the Zoom!® 2 teeth whitening system at Hazzouri Dental.

The specially formulated Zoom!® 2 gel is a light-activated hydrogen peroxide formula designed to help whiten teeth. Once the gel is applied, the patient lies back and the special Zoom!® 2 light goes to work, breaking down the gel so that oxygen is released and can enter tooth enamel and dentin, gently bleaching out discoloration.

Our patients who receive a teeth whitening in the Wilkes Barre and Scranton areas also benefit from the exclusive Zoom!® 2 gel formula, which includes ingredients for improved penetration and regulates the release of the hydrogen peroxide active ingredient. In just over an hour, anyone can have a brilliant new smile.

Our smiles discolor, fade and lose their youthful vibrancy as we age. While this is a gradual process that often goes unnoticed, our unpleasant, tired, aged and discolored smile catches our attention when a looming special occasion, such as a wedding, high school reunion or a crucial business deal presentation, is approaching. In those situations, a bright smile is needed in a hurry.  While at-home teeth whitening products are cheaper and can be done in the privacy of your own home, they take a lot of time to yield noticeable results. In addition, these results are minimal. Professional teeth whitening, on the other hand, offers quicker, more significant results.

Those with sparkly white smiles not only look amazing but experience numerous health, psychological, relational and professional benefits. The Zoom! 2 teeth whitening can not only make you look good, but you’ll also feel happier and more confident.

If you’re tired of hiding your discolored smile and want to bring more life and youthfulness to your healthy smile, contact us at Hazzouri Dental today to learn more about how the Zoom! 2 whitening system can enhance your smile.